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Why getting financial advice now on mortgage rates is important!

Why getting financial advice now on mortgage rates is important!   Mortgage rates are shooting up and this has implications not only for day-to-day household budgets but it’s likely causing huge numbers of borrowers to struggle to pay their mortgages. This will not just affect those on tracker rates who, for the first time in

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Fiance or Fiancee get your finances in shape early

Sort out your life insurance It’s important to make sure the person you love is adequately provided for, whatever happens to you. This means taking out life insurance – and also considering critical illness cover and income protection. Cover your rings! Your wedding rings are not only significant emotionally – chances are they cost a

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An Approved Minimum Retirement Fund (AMRF) and/or Approved Retirement Fund (ARF)     A Guaranteed Income for Life, or annuity, may be the right option for someone who needs their pension to provide them with a steady income in retirement. However, if your circumstances are such that you do not require a regular income for life

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Reviewing Life Cover

Time to Review Your Life Insurance? Most people just take out a life policy, stick it in a drawer and never look at it again. You should review your life insurance or mortgage protection every few years.  Check if there is better cover available or if you can get better value elsewhere. Did you know that

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Life Insurance

Do I Need Life Cover? Simply put – If someone would suffer financially on your death then you need life cover. Please see below the different categories of people who need life cover.   1. Parents 2. Couples with no children 3. Self Employed 4. Retired 5. Single with no dependents  A) Parents As you

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