To us all living in the moment and enjoying life seems to be our primary focus, and with good reason. No one should morbidly reflect on the ‘what if’s’ , conjur up disasters that may never happen or worry constantly that something awful will befall us or our family.  But like everything in life, balance is key, the opposite to obsessive worry can be a refusal to accept reality and understand that life at times can be unpredictable, accidents do happen and people can no matter how healthy or happy experience some form of illness or death within their family circle.  If we refuse to acknowledge the possibility of something negatively impacting our life then we could be falling short of just how responsible and protective we can be of our loved ones. We can secure our families future in the unlikely event of a tragedy, greatly improving our peace of mind and overall well-being.

In a recent customer case study our client Ms R, a young healthy single mum to a lively eleven year old, told us that organising her finances and arranging a will and life cover was essential to her.  Ms R needed to be certain that in the event of her death  her daughter would not only be looked after she would also as a parent not be putting the burden on financial responsibility on the named guardian in her will, her sister and their family. To her the option of living with the worry of  her daughter being unprotected financially if something tragic occurred was causing her significant stress in her life.
She then realised that by talking to a broker and laying out her concerns, together they could move into the second thought stage of planning and developing a financial cover plan that would give that invaluable peace of mind. Mr R had taken control of her worry and began taking some vital action to prevent any more anxiety.
Having a broker to explain the process and outline the options was to her the final stage on the journey as it was here the professional aspect of dealing with a trained financial adviser took the remaining concerns from her daily life.  As they both worked together finding an agreeed affordable amount  and this began to be deducted from her incoming finances Ms R found she no longer even thought about the what if’s.
We wish all our customers a happy and healthy life, with much peace of mind and  joy,  but we are advocates for facing reality and being responsible, therefore we are here on hand to contribute to that sense of mental ease by helping secure the financial future of those most precious to you. Please feel free to get in touch today
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