Here is one good reason you should be prepared for the future in order to full enjoy the present and your health.
Firstly you might commit to taking regular exercise, eating healthy and visiting the doctor for check ups but have you thought about how financial anxiety can affect your health and overall well being.  It is important to maintain a feeling of control when it comes to your money, we all know the feeling of checking our online account and experiencing nervous tension.  But if we are employed and receiving a regular income then the anxiety can abate as we know the bank balance is going to raise again. If we take a proactive approach to our pension plan then we can really reduce our overall anxiety levels and improve our physical health.
Financial anxiety comes from financial uncertainty so taking control of the situation and planning how much you can save and afford each week then this can really restore a sense of calm.  Having a regular savings plan is one less worry for you.
A sense of personal pride can come from being so independent and responsible which can contribute to your overall happiness.  We all know the feeling we get when you do something good for ourselves, we can breathe easier and know we have our future in hand
Research has shown that this time of life because it is such a significant change can bring a lot of anxiety into our lives and this can trigger mental health problems such as depression etc, therefore being prepared financially from many years of regular saving can at least ensure financial stability as you navigate this change of life period.
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