The following outlines what we believe are the emotional, financial and practical reasons having a Will in place is a good and sensible idea.

  1. No one likes to think about death, or linger on the possibility something bad might happen but emotionally the ongoing strain of burying your head in the sand can have long term negative effects on your health and your life. Make the Will and forget about it then so you can enjoy the present.
  2. Not having a Will in place can start a series of family rows and disagreements over who is entitled to what after you are gone a judge whom you would have never met will begin deciding on how to distribute your estate. This can cause family rifts and bad feeling when all could be avoided
  3. It does not cost that much to organise but it is the thought of doing it and thinking about it that prevents people. They may feel it will cost a great deal but it really does not
  4. You will be empowered to leave what you want to who you want, in particular you can make a special request in your will for someone who was dear to your heart or important in your life
  5. Finally it is a legal and binding document that outlines your wishes and can not be argued over, judges do not have to get involved and solicitors won’t get all your estate. In fact with some financial advice you can ensure your family won’t have to pay tax on what you leave them

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