We are all different when it comes to money, we ask ourselves how can we be better with our finances, how can we afford to live the way we want to but save a little too?  we worry at times, should we be investing in the future or is it something to think about later in life? There are others who seem to know exactly how much the value of things are, they are the masters at bagging a bargain and when going on holiday seem six months prior have all their financial ducks in a row and bills paid so that when they return all is as it should be .  As a financial broker of many years I have built lasting relationships with my customers literally making people and their money matters my business.  We have helped many people come to understand the value of thinking about the future when it may not be their primary concern, we have advised customers on how much they can safely put away yet still have plenty to live and enjoy themselves, and we have at times outlined the reality of how upsetting it would be if something unexpected happened and you didn’t have the means to provide for your family.  We have educated and advised our clients on the practical elements of taking out a mortgage, the steps involved in considering a pension or life, income or health insurance.
The expression ‘money makes the world go round’ may sometimes be cause for debate but facing your personal reality is always important.  Therefore, I think it is important to have a think about what type of person you are when it comes to money, how you feel about it, what your values are and if the way you feel about your finances is a help or hindrance to your life.
This fantastic article and quiz from the Irish Times goes into this subject in detail and gives you the opportunity to test just how financially savvy you are we hope you enjoy it here

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