Financial Advice

Southeast Financial Services is a Financial Broker. We believe that in order to assess your needs sufficiently it is essential we have all the facts first. To facilitate this we will meet you at a time and a place that suits you.

We offer a free financial review where we look at your current financial situation to see where we can assist you. This review will follow the following agenda:

1.     Determine your current financial situation

2.     Identify, quantify and prioritise your financial needs and objectives

3.     Devise a strategy to meet those needs and objectives

4.     Make recommendations to you on the best way to meet your needs and objectives giving reasons for such recommendations and why they are the most suitable for your needs.

5.     Regularly review the process to examine any changes in your needs or objectives, how effectively they are meeting your financial goals and any alterations that are required

6.     We have vast experience and will ensure you get the best availabe advice forthe best possible price

Why not contact us for a free financial review. We will meet you at a time and place that suits you. There is no obligation to proceed with our recommendations.

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