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How do I ensure that I can retire at the age of 60?

Q It’s my 50th birthday soon and I’ve been working hard in various jobs for almost 35 years. I want to be in a position to retire by the time I’m 60. How can I make sure that can happen? A This answer is a long one. I’ll send you a list of the information

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How to be prepared for a financial emergency and unexpected bills

How To Be Prepared For A Financial Emergency And Unexpected Bills Q: How should I prepare for a financial emergency? A: If you don’t have enough savings to fall back on, you should take action now to protect yourself from an unexpected bill.   A third of us are living on the financial edge, with no

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What is life insurance?

What is life insurance?   I’ve been told that I need life insurance but as I don’t have any children do I really need it? ​Life insurance is a simple product designed to provide a lump sum or monthly income payment on death. It is designed to provide your dependents with financial security on your

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Mortgage protection and the benefits of switching

Mortgage protection and the benefits of switching “I’m finding it really hard to keep up with these price hikes and am cancelling unnecessary expenditure. As I don’t have any dependents, I’m thinking of cancelling my mortgage protection as it is very expensive. Is this a good idea?”   Mortgage Protection (MP) is a life insurance

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Should I switch mortgage now and what are the steps?

Should I switch mortgage now and what are the steps?   “Hey SEFS, I’m thinking of switching mortgage. Should I? What are the steps involved? – Get switching (or at least find out if it’s possible and worth your while) 1. We need to find out how much is owed on your existing mortgage, the

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