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Earning good money but never seem to have enough?

  “I earn good money but never seems to have enough. Do you have any tops to help me get my spending in order?” Thanks for your question. The obvious answer is to get advice from a Financial Broker but in the meantime, here are a few suggestions of things to avoid. 1) Spend now,

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Get the most from your money with a financial plan

Get the most from your money with a financial plan.

If you haven’t given any thought to planning out your financial future then you should do it now. A plan can help you get the most from your money and help you achieve your goals in life. If you don’t draw up a plan, you’re more likely to end up in a financial mess. Drawing up a plan sounds tough, but it’s easier than you might expect

Here are five financial perils that could inflict serious damage if you don’t have a plan.

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Teaching your children about money

Teaching your children about money will help them pick up good habits for the future.  We have pulled together some helpful steps so you can show your children how to make smart money decisions:

Step 1- Keep it fun

A great way to help children get started is to have three jars with the following labels:

●          Spending – for buying something now.

●          Savings – for a saving goal – such as a toy, book or sports jersey. Explain why it is important to save. Help them work out the cost of the item they are saving for and how long it would take to save for it, based on how much pocket money they get.

●          Future – this is money that is put away and can’t be touched until an agreed time in the future, such as summer holidays. Teaching your child to put a little away for a rainy day is a good way for them to be prepared for what might happen in the future.

Every time your child receives money they can decide how much they would like to put into each jar. Over time your child will begin to understand how to manage money and will be ready for the next step, opening their own savings account.

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