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Money tips don't grow on trees: 6 alternative money tips to teach kids

Find out how to teach your kids about money...

How often have you told your kids that “Money doesn’t grow on trees”?

Your parents told you this every time you asked for extra pocket money, their parents did the same and now you find yourself yelling it at every request for money.

Most parents are worried about whether the next generation will be able to manage their own money. Many think it will be easier for their children to get into debt than it was for them, and some believe their children will be less able to handle money than they are.

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Regular Saving

Regular Savings Everyone has financial goals of one sort or another.  From saving for a deposit on a first house, to saving for your children’s education, saving for a rainy day or simply for extra financial security in retirement, a regular savings plan can help you reach these goals and more. A regular savings plan

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