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Planning, expecting or raising a child?

You may not have a minute to spare – but finding one to read this will be worth your while…

Becoming a parent will naturally cause you to evaluate your priorities, and protecting your family will undoubtedly be top of this list. There are thousands of new parents in Ireland right now going through the same wonderful life changing experience as you are, with Ireland currently in the midst of a Baby Boom, having one of the highest birth rates in the EU. (CSO 2012)

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How much do you need?

  How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?   There is no exact “how much life insurance” figure that you should put in place so don’t worry about trying to calculate an exact amount.   There are two ways to calculate how much life insurance you need:   1) Lump Sum Life Cover   Life

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Regular Saving

Regular Savings Everyone has financial goals of one sort or another.  From saving for a deposit on a first house, to saving for your children’s education, saving for a rainy day or simply for extra financial security in retirement, a regular savings plan can help you reach these goals and more. A regular savings plan

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Additional Voluntary Contribution We should all recognize the importance of saving during our working lives in order to provide a decent income in retirement. By reviewing your pension contributions regularly you can identify if you are saving enough to fulfil your retirement goals. If you want to boost your pension savings to provide a greater income in retirement

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Personal Pensions Planning ahead for your retirement is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. That’s why it’s so important to get it right and ensure that your retirement years are as secure and enjoyable as possible.   At Southeast Financial Services we will help you make the right decisions for

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