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Risk vs' Reward

RISK V’S REWARD We all have different attitudes toward investing risk. Think about how comfortable you are with the possibility of losing money, what your timeframes are and how you emotionally deal with volatile returns. Your attitude to risk can influence your investment strategy as much as your financial circumstances. This is a decision that

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Pension Review, does this sound like you?

This week a client contacted us for review of his pension . He is aged 33 of age and currently paying 300pm into a pension with a likely retirement age of 68yrs.  My first task was to research his case whereby I found the following issues, firstly his pension was not being reviewed on a

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How good am I with my money?

We are all different when it comes to money, we ask ourselves how can we be better with our finances, how can we afford to live the way we want to but save a little too?  we worry at times, should we be investing in the future or is it something to think about later

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Ten Steps and you are there, mortgage approval

If you would like to know more about our simple ten step mortgage process, this week we would like to help you out. Firstly we will talk about how much you found out you can borrow, we will look at your current financial situation and crunch some numbers, from this step to the final one

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