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Ex-smokers reap rewards

Figures show the Cost of Smoking Hits Hard on cost of Insurance Products but ex-smokers who have quit for over a year could be set to reap savings

While some people will already have broken their New Year’s resolutions, others will be celebrating the first anniversary of the success of their 2015 achievements. None more so than those who embarked on their journey to kick the smoking habit last January 2015. Protection experts at Royal London say that there may be hundreds if not thousands of ex-smokers who gave up the habit as part of a New Year resolution last year, and that these people may yet be able to reap further benefits on the back of their accomplishment.

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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance to Suit all Ages and Budgets We all want a healthy smile and good oral health but sometimes the costs can really add up. In fact, research shows that 56% of people in Ireland avoid visiting their dentist due to cost (Empathy research, 2013). But avoiding dental treatment can have a long term effect not only on our dental health but also on our general health and wellbeing.

How Dental Insurance Can Help

When you visit your dentist, DeCare Dental’s Healthy Smiles plans provide 100% cover for the cost of your exams, x-rays and cleanings and give great financial protection if you have a dental emergency or need more expensive dental treatment. So you can save money on your dental bills and protect your smile for life.

From Just €135.24*per year get 100% immediate cover for:

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Savings Tips

1. Setting a savings target right at the beginning will give you something to aim for and a better
chance of achieving
your goal. But make sure your target is realistic. Not too much, but more importantly not too little.

2. You should try to build up a savings pot of at least three months’ salary, so you’ll have enough money

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New parents


Very few first-time parents are taking out or reviewing their life insurance policies. And that could be a terrible mistake.

First-time parents are taking a big gamble, many not taking out life insurance or reviewing their existing protection in preparation for the birth.

What’s perhaps most alarming is that it’s not simply a matter of cost. In fact, pre-baby spending is up with many admitting they had bought things they don’t need or use.

So why is ignoring life insurance such a potentially costly mistake?

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