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Save up to 41% with Tax efficient life cover.

Chances are you were never informed that you can save up to 41% on your life cover. This is one of
the best kept secrets in the insurance world.

We all know taking out Life Cover is a good idea…

But sometimes with all the other demands on your income such as mortgage payments, utility bills, holidays, school fees, the weekly grocery shop… it can be hard to see how to budget for Life Cover. However, there is a solution available that delivers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that these expenses can be covered should you die. In fact, it can cost up to 41% less than a regular Term Assurance policy.

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Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection Most home loans require mandatory life cover. This means if you die during the term of the mortgage, an insurance policy, is payable and repays your mortgage, ensuring you need not worry about the repayments. Premiums depend on age, health status, occupation, smoking habits and can vary from one insurance company to another.

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