Retirement savings British pound coins in birds nest egg
 Zurich Life carried out a pension survey last year in order to demonstrate just how informed people were on pensions and to see what effect lack of information was having on people’s decision to start a pension and plan for their retirement.
The full article and stats can be found HERE and below are some of the key findings from the survey
48% spent less than 5 hours researching pension products
40% were not well informed
55% don’t have a savings target
66% want enough money to live comfortably
42% are not confident making investment decisions
72% lack of investment knowledge
83% say they worry that they won’t have enough money when they retire
With all these statistics in mind isn’t it time you had a friendly no fuss chat with a broker on your options. With decades of experience Southeast Financial Services can really help you decide your options so that you can live the life you would like when you retire.
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