Did you know that most of us understand that we need to insure the person in the family who works outside the home. However, the contribution the stay at home parent makes to the household can be sometimes deemed less important and overlooked.  If you think about how much financially you would have to pay for tasks such as childcare, housework, transport, cooking, and all the other tasks undertaken by a stay at home parent then you could be looking at in excess of 40,000 a year.  Are you a stay at home Dad or a stay at home mum looking to know how you can protect yourself from the unexpected.
If anything was to happen to you the stay at home parent, wouldn’t it be precious peace of mind to know that while you are recovering there would be funds available for the day to day life duties you would normally undertake if you were fit and healthy.
The good news is there is a stay at home parent insurance cover you can take out, just like one you would take out for the main earner in the home who works outside the house. If you would like to hear more about this unique and very special cover then please feel free to get in touch with us today and we can talk you through your options.

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