How would I protect my family if I was in an accident? No one likes to think about suffering an accident or a serious illness, or what would happen financially and the negative impact it  could have on your whole life.  You could never suffer an accident, you might be lucky enough to never miss any work from illness but these stats below are important to note.
Because unfortunately accidents they do happen.  For instance, did you know:

  • 45,000 people are injured at work each year, with some 5,300 suffering a bone fracture¹
  • There are more than  26,000 road collisions each year
  • Over 1.2 million people attend A&E each year³

A Personal Accident Plan can really help.
A Personal Accident Plan  could be organised that it pays out a lump sum benefit  if you suffer a specified injury.  That way you can concentrate on getting better without having to worry about being affected financially. It is stressful enough to think about the time off work, the pain of recovery and the impact on your hobbies and life but the worry about money is something you can take of, and it will not affect your pocket greatly.
A sample of what an accident plan covers from April Ireland includes
Policy highlights include:

  • Fracture benefits and cash lump sums from serious injuries
  • 21 fracture benefits PLUS two additional cash benefits
  • Option to upgrade to a further 19 accidental injury benefits
  • Covers injuries from winter sports, rugby, football, GAA sports, netball, and hockey
  • Flexible cover – choose to protect yourself, your partner and your children

No excluded occupations – although please refer to us for more details.
Simply call today to find out more and remember that while you can not predict what life will throw at you, you can be prepared .

This article aims to give information, not advice. Always do your own research and/or seek out advice from a Financial Broker before acting on anything contained in this article for a full list of all our services click here


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