Do you need or would you like help paying for your life assurance?

If the answer is yes then you need to talk to Southeast Financial services. We can give you life assurance that you get tax relief on.

What are the tax advantages?

For a monthly premium of 50, you can claim 20.50pm off your income tax, assuming you pay

41% income tax and even if you pay 20% income tax you gain €10pm

Personal Pension Term Assurance

Personal Pension Term Assurance provides life cover for your family in the event of your death before you reach retirement. You can put a financial safety net in place so that if you are not around to provide for them anymore, you have still taken care of them financially. Pension Term assurance gives you the

benefit of having life cover in place whilst availing of tax relief on the premiums you pay. You get the peace of mind of knowing you provided financially for your family and you benefit from tax relief on your payments.

What is Personal Pension Term Assurance

Personal Pension Term Assurance provides your family with a lump sum payment, if you should die before you retire. Under current legislation, tax relief is available at the rate of income tax you pay, just like personal pensions. If you died before retirement, the lump sum amount can help your family survive without having your income to rely on. The cover lasts until you reach retirement age, which will normally be your 65th birthday (but it may be earlier) subject to revenue conditions.

Is Personal Pension Term Assurance for me? Do I need to have a pension to take advantage of this policy?

No the name is deceiving as you do not need a pension to take advantage of this policy. If you are:

• self employed and your income is assessed for Income Tax under Schedule D;


• in paid employment but not included in your employer’s company pension plan, this plan is suitable for you.

You have to be resident in Ireland, between the ages of 18 and 65 and can only take out life cover on your own life.

Full terms and conditions available on request with no obligation.

Philip Cullen t/a Southeast Financial Services is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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