Zurich Life offers €10,000 of Cancer cover for the full policy term for one cent with Guaranteed Term Protection

To mark the one year anniversary of their  Cancer cover benefit, today they launch their biggest and best protection offer yet. From today until August 16th, they are giving away €10,000 of Cancer cover with Guaranteed Term Protection (GTP) policies that have life cover of €100,000 or more. And the cost of the Cancer cover – only one cent a month!

How to avail of the offer?
It’s simple, all you need to do is purchase €10,000 (or higher, in which case the first €10,000 is charged at only 1 cent!) 

Who can apply for the offer?

Anyone who applies for Guaranteed Term Protection cover with at least €100,000 Life Cover (per life for dual policies) and satisfies the age parameters of our Cancer cover benefit (18 – 60). 
Contact us for full terms and conditions. 

With about 70% of protection policies being life only, this is a great opportunity for you to include a valuable additional benefit for only 1 cent per month.

The €10,000 Cancer cover offer is valid for the full term of the GTP policy. 
So for example, if you take out a GTP policy with a term of 20 years, Cancer cover will be included for all 20 years. What’s more, if continuation or inflation protection options are selected, they will also apply to the one cent Cancer cover.

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