Having a Convertible Mortgage Protection Policy can make a significant difference and offer even greater flexibility, benefits and value for money.  

We have outlined below the main risks we believe you face if they do not take out Convertible Mortgage Protection.  

The risks of not taking out Convertible Mortgage Protection:  

1) If you later suffer ill health, you may be declined for future cover or have to pay substantially higher premiums. 

2) You will not be able to move to a new level term assurance plan without medical underwriting.   

3) You will not be able to move to a new mortgage plan without medical underwriting.  

5) You will not have the flexibility to change your mortgage protection cover if you get into financial difficulty. As a result, this may mean you cannot extend the term on their mortgage or move to an interest only mortgage.  

The Solution  

Convertible Mortgage Protection with New Ireland provides the solution to each of the scenarios outlined above. It is unique to the Irish Market and it costs only an additional 10% on top of the cheapest premium available, which offers great value. 

If you have any queries or feedback, please contact me. 

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