Executive Pensions

If you are a company owner, director or senior executive then an Executive Pension is possibly the most tax-efficient and secure way for you to save for your retirement. An Executive Pension will also ensure you and your business maximise the generous tax advantages available.


We will help you establish and run an Executive Pension scheme that works best for you and your business.  We will show you different ways to ensure that every taxation, operational and security opportunity of an Executive Pension is maximised to your advantage.

What is an Executive Pension?

An Executive Pension is a company pension plan set up by an employer to provide retirement benefits for directors, senior executives and employees of the company. The employer must pay some or all of the pension contributions on behalf of the director or employee. The director or employee may also contribute to the plan.

Who can set up an Executive Pension?

Any employer can set up an Executive Pension on behalf of a director or employee, even if there is only one employee in the company. This makes Executive Pensions ideally suited to small businesses and one-person limited companies. It also offers company directors a tax-efficient way of investing some or all of a company’s profits on their behalf.

How does an Executive Pension work?

The employer sets up an Executive Pension in trust on behalf of the employee.

The employer makes regular and/or lump sum contributions to the Executive Pension on behalf of the employee.

The employer can also add benefits such as Income Protection and Life Cover.

The employee can make their own regular and/or lump sum contributions in the form of Additional Voluntary Contributions.

What advantages do Executive Pensions have?

The company will enjoy Corporation Tax relief on the contributions it makes to an Executive Pension

The director or employee will enjoy tax relief on the contributions they make to an Executive Pension

Any growth in the value of the pension fund is tax-free.

The pension fund and value is protected from the fortunes of the company.

Up to 25% of the fund can be taken as a tax-free lump sum upon retirement.

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