Over 50’s Insurance

Guaranteed acceptance – no medical needed

We understand that not everyone wants to go through the details of their medical history to take out a protection plan – we know that some people find this awkward. If you are aged between 50 and 80 and apply for 50+ Easy Life Cover, you will not be asked for any medical details or health history and we will not ask you to go for a medical.

We guarantee to accept you for 50+ Easy Life Cover no matter what your medical history. However, you are only covered for ‘accidental death’ during the first two years. Please see below for a full definition of ‘accidental death’. Some exclusions apply.

What is accidental death?

For this plan, ‘accidental death’ means ‘death caused only and directly as a result of an accident caused by something violent, which can be seen and which is not linked to any other cause’.

• If you die because of an accident during the first two years, we will pay the life cover benefit shown in your schedule. (Some exclusions apply around the nature of the accidental death, for example we will not pay a claim for suicide.

• If you die during the first two years of your 50+ Easy Life Cover for any reason other than an accident as described above, we will only

pay your estate a full refund of regular payments you have made. After year two of your 50+ Easy Life Cover you are fully covered for life cover as shown in your schedule.

How much does it cost?

50+ Easy Life Cover starts from just €15 a month making it really affordable. The costs of your regular payments depend on your age, whether you’re male or female and the amount of cover you choose.

So, from just €15 a month, the plan can give your loved ones a guaranteed lump sum to help pay some of the costs they may face after your death, for example any funeral expenses or bills left to pay.

Or, you could use the plan as an affordable way to leave your grandchildren their own little nest egg. To do this you should leave instructions in your will, showing who should receive the lump sum.

Your 50+ Easy Life Cover plan starts when we receive your first payment. However, payment of the full cover only made in the first two years if you die as a result of an accident

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